We produce fiberglass mesh

We produce high-quality fiberglass mesh for insulation systems and facades

We offer several types: Megafix 145g, Megafix 160g and others.

We offer high quality fiberglass mesh

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From the very beginning, the company has been guided by the vision and mission to become specialized in the production of fiberglass products. The main product includes a fiberglass facade mesh made of high-quality repromaterials.

Today, the Mega Trade Production family is made up of several professionals who, with their dedicated work, have improved their skills over the years, enabling the company to produce the highest quality.

— Senat Useinoski, Executive director
— Enes Useinoski, General manager

We offer high quality

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The first Macedonian producer of fiberglass mesh for insulation systems and facades.

We are proud of all the results achieved for the production of glass facade mesh, the sale of materials, a working space of 3000 m2, a team that faces all tasks and problems for the products and services we offer

  • Personal business relationship
  • Flexible logistics center
  • Product with your private label
  • High quality
  • A team of professionals
  • Expertise
  • Commitment

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